Improper inventory management can cause unnecessary expenses on things you already have.Why don't you get a virtual inventory system that is natural to the brain! A picture is worth a thousand words. Here come inventory simple, an app that organizes your personal and business stuff. Here are the features you will find interesting:

get a snapshot of your item and store it in a data base on your phone or iPad. Don't worry about internet connection.

organize all the related items into categories for easy search

put a price tag on each item - useful for people who want use the app as a virtual shop without worrying about internet connection. Prices are shown in your country local currency

show your items and prices to friends and potential customers. Don't move around with your stuff, move around with your phone and build people’s interest on your items.Though your stuff can be in your car boot for easy access.

you can load almost countless number of items, hundreds and even thousands, and set them up into categories, all depends on your imagination.The app is flexible enough.

you can add/ subtract the quantity of each item easily. The balance remaining  is immediately display on the item. Solving a serious inventory headache for micro business owners, who always find it difficult to know what they have in stock and the quantity

you are notify when the balance remaining of item is or below the threshold you set. You can no longer run out of stock unless if you want to!

An easy search functionality is included in case you have thousand of items to scroll through

In case you want to keep some information about an item, there a note section where you can write anything you want about it

you can delete one item, multiple items, all transactions  or even delete all items and their transactions to start anew. Advisable to delete an item when balance is zero.

of course you can edit  information you want about any item

More features can be added as we get feedback from users. Use the share button to contact us.